jonas lagerstedt


Designed and developed by Studio Mars
We have been re-thinking how you get fresh, filtered water on the table. Our product will launch in Q3, 2024

Designed at Studio Mars
Our founder, Jonas Lagerstedt, is leading the design for a new joint venture between NOTHING and X. More info to come


Instant Print Camera

Designed at Studio Mars
Inspired by film, Kodak SMILE+ is an instant print camera designed for Kodak. We invented a new more fun analog way of playing with filters. The user can rotate the lens to apply three different filters to the lens.


Block engaged Studio Mars early on in the project to help define the product, from a user point of view.

Oven 1st Gen

Designed at Ammunition
The June Intelligent Oven uses a built-in camera, sensors, computer, and internet connection to detect and measure any food inside of it, and then recommend the perfect cooking time and temperature. The oven's top doubles as a scale and stays cool, even during cooking, and its controls are contained within a space-saving touch screen.


Studio Mars is a New York City based industrial design studio. We craft physical things to be used by people everyday, all over the world.

With respect to our clients we can’t show too much of what we’ve been up to at this point but keep an eye open for when that time comes.

Before founding Studio Mars, Jonas was a longtime industrial designer at Ammunition, a design studio based in San Francisco. He spent his last three years there as a Creative Director and this era was topped with Ammunition receiving the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in the product design category, the most prestigious design award in North America.

During his time at Ammunition, Jonas was an integral member of the team that designed award winning products for clients like Square, June, Beats by Dre, UNCIEF, Polaroid and Acorns.


IDEA - Best In Show
IDEA - Gold
IDEA - Silver
IDEA - Bronze
Spark Awards - Platinum
Spark Awards - Silver
Engadget - Best of CES 2020
Cooks - Editor’s Favorite Equipment
Popular Science - Best of What’s new
Fast Company - Innovation By Design
Architectural Digest -  Cleverest Awards
Time Magazine - The 25 Best Inventions of 2016
Cooper Hewitt - National Design Awards